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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Textiles waitress skirt!

Almost finished my textiles as level garment!
My brief was to design and make a uniform, I chose a waitress' diner uniform, basing it on the 50's.
After much deliberation I decided on a full circle skirt because of the amazing drape etc...

Here Elisalex is modelling the front although it is quite long (cutting to just below the knee today) you can see the lovely drape and godets which will be ironed so you only see them when the user walks.

I used a stencil and fabric paint to create the checked design in the godets because we had to include some sort of art movement in the garment and I though 'Op Art' would work well because the checks tie in with the diner theme.

And here is the back... I was originally going to put a straight pleat down the middle however when I saw how well the fabric hung I decided against it! It also has a red lining which will tie in with the bodice colours.

Now time to start the bodice!!

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