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Hey, I'm Jess I started this blog to show things I've made, fashion interests and outfits of my own. I would love to be a stylist when I'm older and am doing as much styling assistance at the moment to get me there. Thanks for looking. If you have any questions email me on jessicafoster1995@hotmail.com Pintrest - http://pinterest.com/jessicafoster1/

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Damien Hirst exhibition

So my family and I went to the Tate Modern today and the girls of the group decided to go to the Damien Hurst exhibition, which was truly amazing.

This was one of my favorite pieces. It was a mirrored cabinet filled with multi colored pills and looked stunning. Am tempted to make one myself!!

In this room there were over 100 butterflies flying around delicately. They were beautiful and gave me inspiration to use butterfly print on my next texiles product!

Here is a mosiac of real butterflies which was so beautiful, just loved the way it worked and couldn't believe he managed to find so many similar looking butterfly wings!!

Stain-glass window effect

Close up of the mosaic. 

More butterflies!

There was more incredible stuff but I had to sneakily take photos and I couldn't in main rooms but I recommend you going to see it, second best exhibition I've been to this year (after Christian Louboutin of course!)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New York: Day 5&6

The next two days of the course we were lead by another professor - Nancy. She showed us more trends as well as how to fashion forecast. 
We were then taken into the FIT library (and by this I mean a 4-floor building filled with every single current fashion magazine, Vogues from the first one ever produced, huge fashion forecasting books and look books from every designer imaginable.) 

We were also given the opportunity to style our own accessory shoot. We were all put in groups of three and got to go shopping to pick stuff up for our shoot. We went to an amazing fabric shop, garden shop and a jewelry shop. We then went back to FIT to start shooting and here is the final result...

After that we did an on-figure accessory shoot and we decided to use a studded, rocky look as that seems to be on trend at the moment.

Lastly we graduated and got our certificates and said our goodbyes! It was actually really sad to say bye to the friends I made but all in all it was a great opportunity!

There was an amazing Barbie exhibition at FIT from the previous students. There were life size barbies and furniture - amazing!!

And here we all are!

Festival Wish List

Festival Wish List

Preen silk blouse

Crop top
$115 - farfetch.com

Warehouse crop top
$27 - warehouse.co.uk

Disco pants
$41 - owntherunway.com

Hunter boots
$160 - gravitypope.com

Steve Mono leather backpack
$480 - farfetch.com

Sun hat
$52 - hatsandcaps.co.uk

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 3&4 (course!)

So the whole reason I went to New York was to do a fashion course. I chose to do a fashion styling course because that's what I'm passionate about going into. The course was at the fashion institute of technology (FIT) which is one the the top colleges in America.
All the other students were great! They all have the same passion which made the atmosphere really great. Everyone expect me was from America although very spread out over America!
In the first day our professor Sadia Seymor got us doing activities involving on-figure styling. We created mood boards for a celebrity of our choice (I did Kate Middleton of course) and the next day we created four outfits for them and presented these to the class. You can have a look at the sets I made on my polyvore. http://jessicafoster1995.polyvore.com/

We also got into pairs (I with the lovely Joanna) and from the talk Sadia gave on the trends this season came up with a look for what we could do a photoshot on. We bought clothes and loads accessories the next day and the pairs styled eachother with their own clothes. I decided my look was going to be pastel and Joanna did the orange look.
Here I wore: Top Primark, skirt H&M, boots H&M and Joannas bag
Here's Joanna (not sure where her clothes are from!)

Pair shot!

It was great fun and we got lots of good photos out of the shoot!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New York: Day 2

In the morning I went to the 'Brooklyn Diner' which has amazing reviews so i just had to check it out and it certaintly met my expectations! Best panckakes EVER! They literally melted in my mouth. 

I visited a vintage market called Hells market which was full of jewlerry and clothes stalls. After a good look around I bought a coulple of bits of jewelerry and walked over to another market of Madison Avenue which honestly wasn't as nice. It was just full of knock of jewelry.

I then took a breather into Macy's which was just full of beautiful clothes and bags. I then carried on to 'Dylan's candy bar'. 3 whole floors of sweets and chocolate = life complete.

                                                 (Sweet stairs)

I then went back to my apartment and later on I got the ferry to Statan Island. The ferry passed the Statue of Liberty was which was great to see, couldn't believe my eyes!

However I thought seeing the Manhattan island like was more impressive, looks so small and secluded (could that be more wrong?!)

New York day one

After very little sleep I was up and ready to go by 7am this morning. I got ready and headed straight out. First of all walked around the area I'm staying in (58th street).
I then nervously got onto the metro and headed for my first destination: Prince Street. I was told to start here and walk up Broadway to find the best shops in the area.
Broadway has a great mixture of shops some of which we have in the UK - Zara, H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 etc... I did try and steer away from these as I didn't come to buy things in shops I can get at home! The other shops were ones I'd never heard of - American shops. I was taken aback by 'Necessary' which at every glance I fell in love with something. Such incredible stuff at a reasonable price. I will do a separate post of what I bought while there.
I obviously went into Macy's and Bloomingdales and although I didn't buy anything the experience itself was enough! I walked until my feet couldn't take it anymore and stopped for a break.
I then got the metro to Union Square. I grabbed a salad from Whole Foods and sat and ate in in the pretty little Union Square park.
I then walked and walked and walked to find this supposed amazing vintage shop and finally found it to find it was shut... not a good moment!
I then walked to find FIT which is the place I was doing my styling course just so I knew exactly where to go. It was amazing just to look at and the name of the street it's on is Fashion street, how cool?!

I walked back to my apartment through times square which I couldn't properly take in as it was pouring with rain!!

A good 40 minutes later I reached the apartment and had a well needed sit down!

I then popped for a drink at a local cafe and read my book and watched the NY world go by which really is one of its own.

First day done!