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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Damien Hirst exhibition

So my family and I went to the Tate Modern today and the girls of the group decided to go to the Damien Hurst exhibition, which was truly amazing.

This was one of my favorite pieces. It was a mirrored cabinet filled with multi colored pills and looked stunning. Am tempted to make one myself!!

In this room there were over 100 butterflies flying around delicately. They were beautiful and gave me inspiration to use butterfly print on my next texiles product!

Here is a mosiac of real butterflies which was so beautiful, just loved the way it worked and couldn't believe he managed to find so many similar looking butterfly wings!!

Stain-glass window effect

Close up of the mosaic. 

More butterflies!

There was more incredible stuff but I had to sneakily take photos and I couldn't in main rooms but I recommend you going to see it, second best exhibition I've been to this year (after Christian Louboutin of course!)


  1. I'm terrified of butterflies but that really is beautiful! Your trip to America looked amazing by the way, so very jealous! I would love love love a follow back x

  2. Really? You should go and take a look at the exhibition anyway, you could just skip that room! It was indeed! Will check your blog out and follow you now!