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Hey, I'm Jess I started this blog to show things I've made, fashion interests and outfits of my own. I would love to be a stylist when I'm older and am doing as much styling assistance at the moment to get me there. Thanks for looking. If you have any questions email me on jessicafoster1995@hotmail.com Pintrest - http://pinterest.com/jessicafoster1/

Thursday, 28 June 2012


I have had an amazing opportunity to do a part-time internship at 'Sublime Magazine'. It's a bi-monthly magazine which focuses on natural and eco-friendly concepts. It's a really lovely magazine with some great pictures, products and interviews.
I've been given the job of beauty assistant and at the moment to find beauty products for the beauty shoot for the next issue... I've been trawling through websites looking for black packaged eco-friendly products as it's an all black theme. I then email the person involved in the press side of the company asking them to send us some samples. 
It's great fun and I can't wait for the next task! Check out their website - http://sublimemagazine.com/ and the teenage version - http://www.teens.sublimemagazine.com/

I found it quite hard to know what to wear to 'work' but I decided to wear a casual bottom half and smarten it up with a blazer and heels.
 Boyfriend jeans - ASOS, boots - H&M

Lace shirt - H&M, blazer - Zara, necklace - Topshop, belt - Zara

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are you getting your 5-a-day?

Fruit print, yay or nay? I've had mixed feelings about the new fruit-print trend and can't decide whether I like it or not. It's also slightly daring because it is very full and 'out there'. I think if you're going to wear it you may as well go all out.

Stella McCartney did a wonderful collection of warm-coloured fruit print. Great for cheering Autumn up.

My personal favourite on the catwalk was Dolce and Gabbana. If only we could all look as great as those models, eh?!

I quite like this Topshop dress, the colours are summery and the exotic fruits add to the summery-ness of the dress. I'd style it by wearing some gladiator sandals for day-time or killer red heels in the evening.

Image 1 of Equipment Silk Daddy Shirt in Fruit Print
This shirt from ASOS is absolutely great in my eyes. The colours work brilliantly together and although I may not have the guts (or funds) to wear it I'm sure it would look fab on!

Image 1 of Lazy Oaf Mixed Fruit T-Shirt
Isn't this just amazingly fun? I love the boldness and the mix of bright colours. I'd wear it with a tight black skirt as it's over-sized and a pair of brogues. Also ASOS and there are a few variations of this print (they have it in a jumper and dress too.)

I think my decision has been made after writing this post. It's a yay from me! What do you all think?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibition

With no doubt, the best exhibition I've ever been to or dreamed of.

Christian Louboutin book
Dazzling shoes in every direction seemed as if they were calling 'Jessica take me now'.

There was even a hologram of a sparkling shoe turning round and round turning me into a hypnotic state. Then the shoe suddenly sparkles off into Dita-Von-Teese dancing in Louboutin's... just amazing.

There were also rooms explaining how the God of shoes comes up with ideas, where he gets inspiration and how the production of every shoe works. There was a room with a timeline of his life, explaining that interestingly he left college with no qualifications! 

Lastly there was an 'erotic' area which was fascinating as his views on many of his shoes are simply that they should be made for having sex in. Which you'd understand if you saw some of the designs. They hurt my feet even looking at them!

I am very upset that I couldn't take photos but hopefully that will urge you to go to it!

Pleats and pastels

Pleats and pastels

Pleated chiffon dress
$55 - romwe.com

Mango collared dress
£43 - johnlewis.com

Kookai tailored jacket
£83 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Miss Selfridge skirt
$49 - missselfridge.com

Pleated skirt
£10 - very.co.uk

Colorblock shoes
£30 - mr-shoes.co.uk

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
$15 - nordstrom.com

Essie glitter nail polish
$17 - nordstrom.com

Mint Pleated Chiffon Mini Skirt
£20 - desireclothing.co.uk

Paris wish list

Paris wish list

Sheer top
40 AUD - portmans.com.au

Givenchy sheer shirt
$1,134 - ln-cc.com

Stella McCartney long jacket
$1,051 - mytheresa.com

Waterfall Black Skirt
£28 - glamorousuk.com

Christian Louboutin high heels
$845 - mytheresa.com

Duffle bag
$950 - cultstatus.com.au

Chanel black tote

Flower hair accessory
£3.99 - quizclothing.co.uk

RetroSuperFuture clear shades
£120 - liberty.co.uk

Diptyque fragrance
$120 - nordstrom.com

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bralet trend

Only for the brave and confident but there are some really lovely bralets on sale at the moment and they are very on trend at the moment. The best way to wear them is to just show your mid-drift rather than the whole stomach. Less is more with this style. This can work by wearing high-waisted jeans, shorts or skirts.
I think the trend was heightened by seeing Rihanna rocking the bralets as she looks so great in them.

I have tried double denim myself but decided I'd leave Rihanna to be able to pull it off!

These are a range of bralets I like from Topshop. They all have a slightly different style therefore have different ways of being able to wear each one. With the flowery ones I'd wear them with plain high-waisted shorts and loafers. With the denim one I'd wear with a leather skirt and cute pumps. Lastly I'd wear the scarf print bralet with black high-waisted jeans or a midi skirt and wedges. 
Once I find some bralets I love I'll do a post on how I think is best to style them!

Happy Fathers day!

The most amazing cake I've ever made. The tang or raspberries and sweetness of the lemon curd work really well together. As well as that it looks very professional. My dad was a very happy one! 
I recommend making one big time...

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Liberty Shoot

Well, where do I start? I arrived on set at 9am, not knowing anyone there as my connection had been stuck in traffic. However everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere was surprisingly nice and calm which is very unexpected due to the amount of work we had to get done. The location was absolutely amazing, I can't even put into words how breathtaking the interior was. Just perfect.

Us being slightly vain

How I wish that was my bed!

Shooting the Alexander McQueen scarves

Love this idea of dried flowers hanging on the ceiling

Biggest dog ever

This was one of the country-like looks. Not sure I'm allowed to credit designers but will do when the magazine is out!

And of course delish catering always makes the day even better! 

I introduced myself to the stylist and we then started editing the many rails of clothes and bundles of shoes. Once we had looked through all the clothes we decided to make 6 looks out of them including a dreamy look, biker look, country look etc... There were garments and shoes from all the top designers and I couldn't resist the temptation to try on some amazing fur and leather jackets and impossible-to-walk-in boots.
There were 3 aspects we had to shoot - Beauty, fashion and scarves with two beautiful models. The shoot was pretty smooth and extremely enjoyable.

To conclude the experience has furthered my motivation and dream to become a stylist and made me more excited for future work experience!