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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holly, Costa, Jamal and I go to Paris.

After a few blazay conversations about the best friend and our boyfriends all going to Paris I got excited over the idea however thought it was somewhat unrealistic. I'd never been abroad without my family before and it just didn't seem possible.

However a few weeks down the line we had the four of us booked into a beautiful boutique-style hotel in Paris, moments away from the lovely Luxembourg Gardens.

My best friend and I will be doing a full blog about everything we did while there but for the moment I'll show you what we wore.

Only a few hours after arriving we decided to hit the town and explore as soon as we could. We firstly went to a lovely 50's style bar and had mouth-wateringly good cocktails.
Jess - backlace lace dress ASOS, fitted blazer Zara. Holly - maroon jumpsuit American Apparel, navy lace blazer Topshop, and body chain ASOS.

Jess - Creepers Office and black frilly socks. Holly - Leopard heels Office. 

The next day (feeling slightly worse for wear I have to say) we got tickets for the Bateau Bus. 

Jess - Mint green dress ASOS, leather jacket Topshop, chain rosary necklace Topshop. Holly - Skull shirt (don't know where from), knitted blue jumper ASOS and wax jeans Zara.

Didn't get a proper photo of shoes but I wore black and white brogue pumps and Holly wore creepers. 

In the evening we went up the Montparnasse tower - breathtaking!

Holly - jumpsuit Topshop, denim jacket Ebay, patent Doc Martens and skull studded bag independent boutique. Jess - waterfall skirt ASOS, gray crop top American Apperal, chelsea boots Ebay, chain bag.

Luxembourg Gardens! Holly - white dress ASOS, leopord heels Office, sunhat, denim jacket Ebay. Jess - Levi shorts, chiffon shirt ASOS, leather jacket Topshop, Creepers Office

Jess - Lace dress ASOS, black blazer Zara, Chelsea boots Ebay, pony-skin bag Topshop. Holly - white dress ASOS, patent Doc Martens and can't see the jacket she's wearing!

Outside the Laduree (the macaroons were SPLENDID!)
Jess - Crop top American Apparel, flowery shirt Primark, modal trousers H&M, creepers Office and studded bag Ebay. Holly - white vest, mint skirt ASOS, leopard heels Office, body chain ASOS.

The last day... :( 
Holly - white vest, mint skirt ASOS, leopard heels Office, body chain ASOS. Jess - gray crop top and stripey skirt American Apparel.  

We all had a wonderful time and felt very at home there. We will let you know when we start up our specific Paris blog!!

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  1. Seems like an ideal and yes, unrealistic, trip. Well jealous!