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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibition

With no doubt, the best exhibition I've ever been to or dreamed of.

Christian Louboutin book
Dazzling shoes in every direction seemed as if they were calling 'Jessica take me now'.

There was even a hologram of a sparkling shoe turning round and round turning me into a hypnotic state. Then the shoe suddenly sparkles off into Dita-Von-Teese dancing in Louboutin's... just amazing.

There were also rooms explaining how the God of shoes comes up with ideas, where he gets inspiration and how the production of every shoe works. There was a room with a timeline of his life, explaining that interestingly he left college with no qualifications! 

Lastly there was an 'erotic' area which was fascinating as his views on many of his shoes are simply that they should be made for having sex in. Which you'd understand if you saw some of the designs. They hurt my feet even looking at them!

I am very upset that I couldn't take photos but hopefully that will urge you to go to it!


  1. those ballet heels must be such a pain to wear! great blog btw!


  2. tell me about it! I don't know if I'd have the courage to even try them on!
    thanks! I'll have a look at yours