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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Finally finished my textiles!

After weeks and weeks of manically trying to finish my as-level outfit, it's done. Feels slightly odd not having to think about the little bits and bobs I still have to complete.
 So this is the whole thing, all separate parts - full circle skirt, apron and a simple bodice.
Here's the bodice where I used a simple pattern piece and adapted it by adding in a rever collar (very difficult to get your head around), putting in 4 panels so I could have different colours as well as acting as darts and adding in buttons and button holes (with buttons used applique and printing.) It's also trimmed with checked bias binding but the apron hides this in picture. 

Bit disappointed with the back because although it's backless (maybe slightly too sexy for a waitress uniform?!) is quite baggy on me so might need to take it in after the marking's done.

The apron is fastened by just tying the extended waistband piece together. I had to think about the suitability for a waitress so sewed in some little pocket-like things to keep tips/pen/order book. Favorite park of this is the pleated gingham trim around the edge - very 50's!

So all in all I think it went well and I learnt alot through experimentation and things going wrong. Now all to do is wait for the grade back!!

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