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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fashion Course

I found out through school about a two day 'fashion career course' that was going on for two days in half term. I signed up half heartedly, not at all expecting I'd be one of the first few to get a place. To my surprise I received an email telling me I'd got a place.
The course was from 10am-4.30pm in which we were in a group of about 10 students and had a tutor who wrote the book 'How to get a career in fashion'. She told us all about the different jobs you could go into, how to apply for work experience, colleges and so much more. We also were visited by 4 experts in fashion who were all inspiring and motivated me to start really getting into work placements and start blogging more! It was a really great experience and I would really recommend it.
Obviously the outfit was very important so this is what I wore on day oue...

Grey, modal trousers which have a tapered shape and hang really well but quite difficult to wear. Worn with tan brown boot heels. 
 Vintage-style shirt. Really love the colours and pattern on this top and think it works well with the trousers to cheer the outfit up a bit!
My new hand chain went well with gold components in the shirt. 


  1. :O where did you get the uh-mazing top and ring?!
    Loving it.

    Yesss Jess, start blogging more! - I need to try more too


    1. Topshop! Thanks :)
      I know I need to get into the hang of it. I love your blog but can't seem to follow?!