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Monday, 9 July 2012

Liberty Docs

Two of my favourite things have collaborated and created something wonderful! I love how two companies that are ultimately completely different in terms of style have collaborated and it really works. Doc Martens are quite rocky and edgy however Liberty is alot prettier and girly aimed at the older target market, who would expect it to work?!

Liberty London for Dr. Martens                   Liberty London for Dr. Martens
I love the choice of colours in these ones. I prefer the shorter ones in the printed design as I think the printed design on the actual boots are a bit too much.

Liberty London for Dr. MartensLiberty London for Dr. Martens

My favorite colour with Liberty binding - idea of heaven and the blue are quite smart looking, would look great with a blazer and boyfriend jeans.

Liberty London for Dr. Martens   Liberty London for Dr. Martens
They even have bags. These sachels are super cute for summer and these are my personal favorites.

What do you all think?!


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