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Friday, 21 September 2012

D.I.Y top transforming

So I got this top a while ago now from American Apparel however I completely deteste round necks that come up this far so I've never really worn it. Instead of chucking it out I cut it a bit to make it more wearable!

Here is a picture of the original top (forgot to take one of mine before cutting it!)

Firstly I cut the sleeves off by just following the stitching of where they were/

Next I drew a lower shaped neck-line with tailors chalk and cut round, making it a bit higher at the back.

Then I cut the armholes longer by just making a slit at the seam to just below the chest.

And there it is. By the way make sure you use good fabric scissors otherwise the edges will look horrible. 


  1. Hi, I love your blog! Make sure you check out my giveaway on my page, Love B x

  2. I might take some scissors to some of my own shirts! I have heaps that I never wear anymore because I don't like round necks too!

  3. Cool transformation! I love it xoxo

  4. You definitely should. Will give you some totally new outfits! xx