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Saturday, 11 August 2012

New York: Day 2

In the morning I went to the 'Brooklyn Diner' which has amazing reviews so i just had to check it out and it certaintly met my expectations! Best panckakes EVER! They literally melted in my mouth. 

I visited a vintage market called Hells market which was full of jewlerry and clothes stalls. After a good look around I bought a coulple of bits of jewelerry and walked over to another market of Madison Avenue which honestly wasn't as nice. It was just full of knock of jewelry.

I then took a breather into Macy's which was just full of beautiful clothes and bags. I then carried on to 'Dylan's candy bar'. 3 whole floors of sweets and chocolate = life complete.

                                                 (Sweet stairs)

I then went back to my apartment and later on I got the ferry to Statan Island. The ferry passed the Statue of Liberty was which was great to see, couldn't believe my eyes!

However I thought seeing the Manhattan island like was more impressive, looks so small and secluded (could that be more wrong?!)

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