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Saturday, 11 August 2012

New York day one

After very little sleep I was up and ready to go by 7am this morning. I got ready and headed straight out. First of all walked around the area I'm staying in (58th street).
I then nervously got onto the metro and headed for my first destination: Prince Street. I was told to start here and walk up Broadway to find the best shops in the area.
Broadway has a great mixture of shops some of which we have in the UK - Zara, H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 etc... I did try and steer away from these as I didn't come to buy things in shops I can get at home! The other shops were ones I'd never heard of - American shops. I was taken aback by 'Necessary' which at every glance I fell in love with something. Such incredible stuff at a reasonable price. I will do a separate post of what I bought while there.
I obviously went into Macy's and Bloomingdales and although I didn't buy anything the experience itself was enough! I walked until my feet couldn't take it anymore and stopped for a break.
I then got the metro to Union Square. I grabbed a salad from Whole Foods and sat and ate in in the pretty little Union Square park.
I then walked and walked and walked to find this supposed amazing vintage shop and finally found it to find it was shut... not a good moment!
I then walked to find FIT which is the place I was doing my styling course just so I knew exactly where to go. It was amazing just to look at and the name of the street it's on is Fashion street, how cool?!

I walked back to my apartment through times square which I couldn't properly take in as it was pouring with rain!!

A good 40 minutes later I reached the apartment and had a well needed sit down!

I then popped for a drink at a local cafe and read my book and watched the NY world go by which really is one of its own.

First day done!

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