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Hey, I'm Jess I started this blog to show things I've made, fashion interests and outfits of my own. I would love to be a stylist when I'm older and am doing as much styling assistance at the moment to get me there. Thanks for looking. If you have any questions email me on jessicafoster1995@hotmail.com Pintrest - http://pinterest.com/jessicafoster1/

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Liberty Shoot

Well, where do I start? I arrived on set at 9am, not knowing anyone there as my connection had been stuck in traffic. However everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere was surprisingly nice and calm which is very unexpected due to the amount of work we had to get done. The location was absolutely amazing, I can't even put into words how breathtaking the interior was. Just perfect.

Us being slightly vain

How I wish that was my bed!

Shooting the Alexander McQueen scarves

Love this idea of dried flowers hanging on the ceiling

Biggest dog ever

This was one of the country-like looks. Not sure I'm allowed to credit designers but will do when the magazine is out!

And of course delish catering always makes the day even better! 

I introduced myself to the stylist and we then started editing the many rails of clothes and bundles of shoes. Once we had looked through all the clothes we decided to make 6 looks out of them including a dreamy look, biker look, country look etc... There were garments and shoes from all the top designers and I couldn't resist the temptation to try on some amazing fur and leather jackets and impossible-to-walk-in boots.
There were 3 aspects we had to shoot - Beauty, fashion and scarves with two beautiful models. The shoot was pretty smooth and extremely enjoyable.

To conclude the experience has furthered my motivation and dream to become a stylist and made me more excited for future work experience!


  1. This looks amazing Jess! Well done! Can't wait to see the published shoot x

  2. It really was! Thankyou. Will bring it round when I get it!! xx

  3. Ah, what a dreamlike styling work experience set to work on!