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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Dinner Party (ages ago but only just realised I'd only saved as a draft!)

So in need of a civilised, indoor night with the girls I decided to host a dinner party.

For starter I did canapes - an omlette tapas dish which I personally didn't love but they were scoffed within about 5 minutes! Secondly moon-blush tomatoes which were just so delicious. All you do is marinate cherry tomatoes the evening before, put in a pre-heated oven and turned off straight away. Lastly salmon and creme cheese belinis which in my eyes can never go wrong!
(sorry about bad quality picture)
For the main I did a chicken and chorizo dish which my friends loved! Its such a nice dish and pretty simple too (Nigella)

Lastly one of the most advanced dishes I've done but certainly worth the effort I have to say!

Apple and caramel steamed pudding. So so so good! After attempting to make caramel once I wasn't feeling positive but the outcome was amazing. I have to say I think the pudding could definitely do without the caramel. It's good enough alone. The apples were caramelised and the way they cooked were absolute perfection! Then the cake mix (including grated apples) was such a lovely bouncy texture. I will be making again on a rainy day!!

Although it was a civilised idea, by the end of the night and a few cocktails it was far from civilised but it was surely a lovely evening!!

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